Note: This version of my About page is written for the folks at incsub. For my usual About, take a look at my main site, Polymath Solution.

LizI’m a freelance designer, specializing in graphic, web and book design. For general info, take a look at my main site.

I’ve been working with WordPress for about 3 years, handling a variety of projects both for myself and for clients ranging from college professors to e-commerce sites. A large part of my work involves teaching my clients to use WordPress, and to keep their sites healthy and happy.

A fairly large part of my work involves helping my clients find the right solution to their problems. I research, select the best solution, and explain to them, using terms they can understand. I was once told I’m a translator, from “geek-speak” to standard English.

I’ve been playing with the idea of writing a book, WordPress for Clients. Most WordPress books jump straight into theme creation, but there needs to be a book for non-designers who work with WordPress. I have some chapters written, I can send them if you’d like to see my writing style.

I live in the New England woods with two mostly grown children and a silly lizard.

a.k.a. Sweetie the Gecko

The Silly Lizard