Frequently Asked Questions

The Patterns

Are these your designs?

Some are my own designs, others are my interpretations of patterns that originally appeared in magazines, leaflets and advertisements in the 1960s.

Is it legal to reproduce old patterns?

As long as I am not selling an exact copy of a pattern, it’s legal. In the case of my color knitting charts, I am only selling the color chart, and I created the chart myself. Sometimes the pattern was written out in text and I converted it to a chart, other times I worked directly from a photo of the finished item.
Copyrights for knitting patterns cover the exact project attern only, so I am not violating copyright.

I know who originally designed a pattern!

Ten please put me in touch with her/him. I want to credit all the original designers, who received no credit and very little money for their work.

Can I use your chart in my item for sale / pattern I’m selling? Will you charge me extra?

I’m selling these patterns because I want to see them used. If you want to use the chart for anything other than personal use, email me. Chances are very good I’ll let you use the chart.

Ordering, Payment, Downloading

How long do I have to download the pattern after I buy it?

You have 3 days. After that, email me with proof that you purchased the pattern, and I’ll send you a fresh copy.

My computer ate the file!

I’ve had computers like that, too. Send me proof you purchased the pattern, and I’ll send you a new file. If it ate your email too, I may have your info in my Orders database.


If you have questions, please leave them in the Comments below. I’ll incorporate them into the FAQ.